DISTILLATOR is a 3-piece thrash metal band from Enschede, The Netherlands.
Since the release of their crushing debut album “Revolutionary Cells” in 2015, DISTILLATOR is considered one of the most important newcomers in the Dutch metal scene. The band distinguishes itself through their high-pitched screams, fast guitar licks, mellotron sounding effect lines, energetic live experience and old-school looks.

By playing the amazing 70.000 Tons Of Metal Festival, touring Europe three times with Metal Church, Pestilence and Vektor and supporting metal titans Gojira, Anthrax and Testament, DISTILLATOR has gained fans throughout the entire world. Their second concept album “Summoning the Malicious” has gotten an overwhelming good response from both magazines and fans. In 2018, a split album was released on This Charming Man Records.

The band is currently recording a 3rd full-length album

Formed in January 2013, but sounding like 1988.

Split album 2018 / This Charming Man Records / release date: May 25th 2018
Summoning The Malicious / Empire Records / release date: May 1st 2017
Revolutionary Cells / Empire Records / release date: February 10th 2015
EP 2013 / Independent / release date: June 1st 2013

MEMBERS (f.l.t.r)
Frank R. – Bass / Mellotron / Backing Vocals
Laurens H. – Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals
Marco P. – Drums